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A Prisoner of Azkaban by SweeneyLestrange
A Prisoner of Azkaban
Yay, finally got an awesome photo of my version of Barty Crouch Junior in Azkaban.

Ever since there was the idea of having an Azkaban group I wanted to cosplay this version of him *__* I thought it was a rather obvious idea, since Azkaban is a big deal in his story and I really, really liked the idea of portraying this desperate, sad and lost side of him (yeah Emo Barty). Although I am totally looking forward to cosplaying a Death Eater version too.

It is a lot of fun to run around in these frayed and dirty clothes and looking all dead and stuff. So there'll be definitely more photos coming up and hopefully some where you can see a bit more of the make-up.
The tattoo was drawn by my lovely Bellatrix who accompanied me that day. Since the only cell/prisoner numbers that are known are from Bellatrix, Sirius and Lucius and I made something up and loosely tried to keep it the way it was in the movies (because I really liked that design)

Costume made by ~ me

Photo taken and edited by :iconpigeonmaestro: (many thanks for that brilliant pic <33)
Barty Crouch Junior by SweeneyLestrange
Barty Crouch Junior
Oh look, look, look. It's dear Barty <333

I am totally obsessed with this character right now and after finishing drawing the Lestrange brothers I just had to draw him, too. Plus it's a great way of practicing the use of water colours. (I really like how the colours turned out in this one)

As for the picture:
I'd say in this picture he's about 18, so pretty much a Death Eater at this point.
I decided to not draw him in fancy Death Eater clothing because in my headcanon he works as a spy in the ministry of magic. So yeah I went for some normal clothing ... (and look at the loose tie -> rebellion XD)
All right, I know the mask is like super cliché but I really wanted to add something to this kind of portrait. And creative me couldn't think of anything better than a mask |DD

Hope you enjoy the work. I am probably gonna work on more Harry Potter characters because this is fun : DD
The Lestrange Brothers by SweeneyLestrange
The Lestrange Brothers
(oh look it's happening again I am becoming active)

Yeah, I am having a major Harry Potter flash and it's not gonna end any time soon. So this week I kinda felt like drawing two of my current favourite characters: The Lestrange Brothers.
I really wish there was more stuff about them out there!

Anyway. I am not saying who's who on purpose.

I'd be very interested to know what you think :D
Who of them is Rabastan and who's Rodolphus?
Hey there,

so it finally happened! I got a Premium Membership and could change my username VampireofShadow to SweeneyLestrange.
It really was about time. SweeneyLestrange or sometimes Sweeney Lestrange (on youtube for instance) is the name I am usually known as on the Internet. It is a name I like very much and I will continue to use for artistic stuff. So obviously I didn't want to stick with the (embarrassing) "VampireofShadow" longer than necessary on deviantart. It was an old name that I chose when I thought names like that sounded cool. Now I think differently. But whatever.

Updates have happened.
Like I also changed my icon. Although I am not quite sure if I will stick with that icon. I am gonna use it for now until I've got a better idea of what I really want to have for an icon. I just thought it was quite fitting to get away from the old Sweeney Todd stuff. It's not that I am not into it anymore. I just want to update things and move on. All right that does sound as if I did not like Sweeney Todd anymore. But I still do. I still write Sweeney Todd fanfiction and I still want to make a Sweeney Todd video as well as to have a proper photoshooting with my cosplay. I hope these things are gonna happen next year.

So last but not least I can happily announce that I finally got a video project done! :D It is a "500 Miles" video to Doctor Who which can be found on youtube as "Whovians Walk 500 Miles"

This video is a fantribute with about 70 people, most of them in amazing Doctor Who Cosplay. It took about 10 months from the whole organizing part to the editing until I got it done.
Making the video was loads of fun and I am really glad I got it finished in time for the 50th anniversary. If you like these kind of videos or are a whovian please have a look, it’s been done for you too :)
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Yes, but it's so sad that a lot of people don't know them.
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Awww thank you so much for your nice compliment. I am glad you think so : 3
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Aww you are so welcome :3 (and thanks. It always makes me happy to hear that people like my Master : D)
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